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Inspiring journey of techie turned social media influencer Shailendra Kumar Singh | People News

New Delhi: Shailendra Kumar Singh a graphic designer and photo editing expert from Ambikapur is popularly known as Sonu Rajput on Social Media and his hometown Ambikapur. An anthropology graduate is a successful YouTuber and Social Media Influencer. He gives hack and tips through the ‘How to ‘type of videos through his YouTube channel. Not only this he is also a Graphic Designer and Editing Professional who has shown his expert hands in editing in various popular YouTube videos and Photo Shoots.

Shailendra’s videos are so popular on social media platforms that in a short period the channel has gained more than 5 lakh subscribers. Coming to the next very popular social media platform Instagram he has 830K followers here too. His content is unique and popular. He makes sure that his feeds show his expertise in the latest photo and video editing technologies.

Shailendra is so adroit at his work that people not only from Ambikapur but from adjoining districts also prefer his services for all their designing and editing needs. Shailendra has put his blood and sweat to reach this position. He also has some credit that people from a small town have started exploring the strength of Social Media to grow professionally. Most of the people who know him feel proud that their town has its own popular YouTuber and Social Media Influencer.

When Shailendra started the journey he himself wasn’t sure that he will gain this level of success. Coming from a humble background his only aim was to support and make his family financially sound. He started working young when he was just Passes out of school. He started as a graphic Designer as that was the only passion and talent he had at that time. But with hard work and determination, he soon started earning well to support his family and pursued graduation in anthropology on his own expenses.

This was the time he also studied and learned a lot about Social Media Growth. He learned everything with online resources and the trial-and-error method. Lack of resources only increased his determination to get mastery in his passion. He started his channel with the view that sharing knowledge makes one more perfect in any domain. His hacks were so useful that his videos went viral and he became a popular YouTuber of his area. His Instagram popularity reached a new high.

His social media presence is so strong that many local businesses and renowned brands are approaching him for collaboration and promotional purposes. Shailendra is taking one step at a time. He continues to share his knowledge on the latest social-media hacks on YouTube.

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