About us

Tnewsindia is a news portal in India that is dedicated to delivering news, views and information on varied topics ranging from latest news, top stories, entertainment, sport, lifestyle, education, entertainment, technology, business, politics and more. Our 24×7 news platform aims to offer news from across India and the globe to readers from diverse backgrounds, age and ethnicity. We keep you updated about the latest happenings in the country through delivery of reliable news, while keeping national interest, political developments, government, policy and governance in mind. 

Tnewsindia was established with the intention to serve the larger community of online readers in India. With the surge in online users and readership, we resolved to establish a platform that offers extensive views, features, updates and stories across various segments in India. Through a combination of content, videos, images and infographics, we intend to keep our users updated about the latest or the breaking news & information.

Our Mission

At Tnewsindia, we aim to be at the forefront of providing the latest news, information and updates across varied segments that further enables us to build a potent community of online readers/users.

Our Vision

To connect with millions of online readers in India and across the world through delivery of relevant, quality and reliable news, views and infotainment.

Our Value

At Tnewsindia, we value the principles of honesty, innovation, passion and quality. We adopt independent, accurate, sound and authentic approach to provide our users with the latest information, updates and news that further helps them to expand their knowledge as well as understanding of the developments at the national and international level.

Our Approach

Our platform brings forth stories that matter as well as issues that are both burning and significant. We intend to communicate with unmatched confidence and interpret with great accuracy and clarity.

We are committed to keeping you abreast about the happenings in India and globally by providing you with authentic and trusted information while also keeping the democratic values and public interest in mind. We want to be at the forefront of offering deep insights, perspectives and news that interests our readers. Our motto is to present a high-quality narrative that is fiery, fresh, unique and fearless.

Our team strives to comprehend the systematic problems, chaos and other developments in India and around the globe to bring you exciting and informative stories on your mobile, smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices. We strongly believe in highlighting stories and news that matter and impact your present and future. Our crisp, quality and information-packed news & updates are meant to keep our target audience from diverse age groups, interests and genres well informed and entertained.

We firmly believe that news has the power to influence people and their minds, which is precisely why we emphasize on empowering the millennials and older generation by offering them with accurate feeds as well as updates through our innovative digital portal.

We take great pride in our unbiased, honest, creative and incisive approach towards news gathering and presentation. We strive to raise the quality & standards of news and information by raising issues that matter to you.